About Us

What Is PlayingXI ??

PlayingXI is a cricket and football predicting website, which predicts the final playing 11 players which are most likely to play in the match. PlayingXI revolves around cricket lovers all around the world. The main goal of this website is to predict the best possible probable playing 11 combinations and in order to achieve this, playing 11 uses the analysis algorithm which is based on player current form, player fitness, and some other realistic factors. Based on the result of this analysis algorithm PlayingXI predicts the probable playing 11. 

PlayingXI keeps the record of a current form of the player and preserves the last 10 innings score of every player, and identifies the current form, also it analyze the bench strength of the team as if of the absence of any player which player can get a place in the team. We don't give users the warranties yet we help users in identifying best possible combination and probably playing 11 based on analysis algorithms.

For any kind of query, suggestion or any issue you can contact us at http://www.playingxi.com/contact-us or you can directly write us at playingxiteam@gmail.com


What Type of matches it covers??

PlayingXI Predicts almost all the international cricket matches as well as the IPL, Indian Premier League. 

Does it predicts Test Cricket as well??

Yes! It predicts all format of cricket Test Cricket, One day international T20 and IPL.

How does it work?

PlayingXI has its own algorithm which helps in predicting the probable playing 11, and this algorithm uses the parameters such as Player Fitness, Player Current Form, Bench Strength of the team, Weakness of the other team, Checks for the conditions overseas or at home and based on these factors it predicts the probable playing 11.

Does it provide the score update?

No, PlayingXI does not provide any kind of match streaming or score. It just predicts the probable playing 11.

What information does PlayingXI give regarding any match?

PlayingXI main purpose is not to share the information regarding the match like score and other facts. PlayingXI resolves around only predicting the probable playing 11, share the players which are most likely to play in the match, and in order to achieve that PlayingXI does provide the information regarding - Match Place and Time, Match 2 Teams and their Probable Playing 11, Pitch Condition, Team Squad, Player Recent Innings Score.

At what time match information gets published?

Usually, information published for end user around 24 hours before the match, However, it continues to get updated before the match starts.